Employee Engagement Survey

To all CUPE staff,

You will have received an email from the Employer to participate in an Employee Engagement Survey. I am requesting that you take the time during your work hours to complete this survey. This survey will be used by the District to implement changes where needed during the next 2 years. At that time another survey will be sent out to employees to see if the District has made progress where changes have been identified. This survey is being used by many Districts throughout the Province.

Don’t hesitate to be honest about your answers. We all have a voice in making changes that we feel are needed and I believe by completing this survey, we can be successful.  The survey takes about 10 – 15 minutes to complete. We have only had around 20% of members complete this survey so far. In other districts there was as high as 80% participation.

Please take the time to complete before February 22, 2019.

Thank You,

Gray Boisvert