Shop Stewards

Aboriginal Support Worker –Kathy Morgan C: 250-550-5989; W: 250-545-7289   Email

Clerical Shop Steward – Taysha Briggs – C: 250-307-1517, W: 250-545-0701 Email

Custodial Shop Steward – Boyd Neron C: 250-540-1851, W: 250-547-0003 Email

EA 1. Elementary – Tracy Best C: 250-260-0392; W: 250-260-4176  Email 

EA 2. High School – Kim Carlson C: 250-308-6776   Email

Maintenance Shop Steward – Mike Powell C: 250-540-2214; W: 250-549-9210;  Email   

Student Supervisor Shop Steward – Linda Pryce – C: 250-540-0357, W: 250 260-4176 Email

Transportation Shop Steward – Rennay Findlater – C: 250-320-1411 Email

What are the duties of a union shop steward?

A shop steward provides information to union leadership regarding new developments and issues within the collective bargaining unit and with our employer. They also provide information and news from union leadership to union members, often through bulletin board postings, website  and union meetings.